About FRHA

Section 8 tenant-based Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) assistance program is funded by the federal government and administered by the Franklin Redevelopment and Housing Authority for the jurisdiction of the City of Franklin, Southhampton County, and Isle of Wight County.

FHRA Organization & Structure

FRHA Officials

The officials of the FRHA are known as commissioners or, collectively, as the board of commissioners. Commissioners are appointed in accordance with state housing law and generally serve in the same capacity as the directors of a corporation, establishing policies under which the FRHA conducts business, ensuring that policies are followed by FRHA staff and ensuring that the FRHA is successful in its mission. The board is responsible for preserving and expanding the agency’s resources and assuring the agency’s continued viability.

FRHA Resolutions

Formal actions of the FRHA are taken through written resolutions, adopted by the board of commissioners and entered into the official records of the FRHA.

FRHA Principal Staff

The principal staff member of the FRHA is the executive director (ED), hired and appointed by the board of commissioners. The executive director is directly responsible for carrying out the policies established by the commissioners and is delegated the responsibility for hiring, training and supervising the remainder of the FRHA’s staff in order to manage the day-to-day operations of the FRHA to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and directives for the programs managed. In addition, the executive director’s duties include budgeting and financial planning for the agency.

Board of Directors


Charlie Ashburn

Vice Chairman

Robert Taylor


Melanie Bradshaw


Patricia Ann Brown


Antwan Hatch


Ashley Lee


Andrew Page

Revised 01/25/2024


Executive Director

Gwendolyn Blue

Youth FSS Coordinator

Alexis Blizzard

Property Manager

Frances Sharp

Family Self-Sufficient Case Manager

Laverne  Copeland

HQS Inspector

Guy Myrick

Maintenance Tech

Mike Sears


Linda Boone-Randolph

FSS Training Coordinator

Chris Smith

Housing Specialist

Gwen Jordan

Finance Manager

Victor Mitchell

Finance / Deputy Director

Freda Carruth


To provide safe, decent and sanitary housing conditions for very low-income families and to manage resources efficiently. The FRHA is to promote personal, economic and social upward mobility to provide families the opportunity to make the transition from subsidized to unsubsidized housing.

FRHA'S Commitment to
Ethics & Service

As a public service agency, the FRHA is committed to providing excellent service to HCV program participants – families and owners – in the community. The FRHA’s standards incude:

The FRHA makes every effort to keep program participants informed of HCV program rules and regulations, and to advise participants of how the program rules affect them.

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Every client of FRHA is treated with the utmost dignity and respect.